Thank you for your interest in a Michael J. Smith custom knife.

I am currently not taking orders.


Few notes about me:

I collected high dollar custom knives before becoming a maker.

I started making knives in 1987 and have been a full time maker since 1995.  

I discovered and started the multicolored bluing trend that has been very popular for more than to decades now. 
I gave this to the world so there could be many more beautiful knives. 
If I had been greedy and kept it  to myself then I would have been the only one with multicolored blued damascus blades and bolsters.
There would not be any titanium damascus since it would be pointless to make if you couldn't color it.

For 29 years I have made all my knives one at a time by hand.  
I have not jobbed anything out,  used a cnc mill or have anyone working in my shop on my knives.